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Copyright Galeria Aê - Photographers : Ester Teixeira et Ananda Guimarães

Tremor and more 

Creation 2017

Conception and choreography : Herman Diephuis

In collaboration with and interpreted by : Jorge Ferreira

Artistic advice : Dalila Khatir

Sound design : Pierre Boscheron

Lighting design and stage management : Sam Mary


Production : association ONNO

Coproduction : Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis

Supported by CND - Centre national de la danse pour l’accueil en résidence, the French Institute in Brazil et de la Fondation d'entreprise Hermès

It all began with a workshop in Brazil in the city of Brasilia in October 2016. Among the participants was the young dancer, Jorge Ferreira, aged 22. During that workshop, I was struck by the speed and inventiveness with which Jorge appropriated the different propositions, the ease with which he would go from one state to another and by his precision in his way of seizing space and time.  He has that capacity to show with great simplicity, the different facets of what makes him a young Brazilian mestizo and take the risk of exploring uncharted territory. He is a performer who draws his strength and his artistic freedom through dance, by toying with the transformation, all the while being simultaneously in control and letting go, the yin and the yang, the ridiculous and the gracious, the simple and the complex.

For this short solo I felt like exploring this capacity for transformation, for metamorphosis.  Tremor and More could be defined as a theatrical abstraction which, based on trembling as a principle of movement, through its repetition and its duration, seeks to work on the apparition of presences and states, on the verge of coming to a standstill and that function like close-ups and adjustments. These moments erupt and then fade away again, absorbed by the rhythm and energy of this danced ritual akin to a trance. 

Herman Diephuis 


2018 Vivadança festival internacional - Salvador // Teatro Prosa SESC Horto - Campo Grande // Cineteatro Sao Luiz - Fortaleza // // Festival Dança em Transito, Café A - Paris // Théâtre La Parenthèse - Avignon, dans le cadre de La Belle Scène-Saint-Denis

2017  Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-St-Denis // Cena Contemporânea - Brasilia // Dança em Trânsito - Rio de Janeiro // Teatro SESC Palladium - Belo Horizonte // Porto Alegre em Cena- Porto Alegre 


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