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Goin' down

Creation 2017

Conception and choreography : Herman Diephuis and Naomi Fall

In collaboration with and interpreted by : Yacouba Coulibaly, Naomi Fall, Salamata Kobre

Light : Sam Mary

Sound design : Herman Diephuis


Production : Cie de ceux qui 


Goin’ down toys with clichés on femininity and masculinity.

The performance explores the rapport between the sexes and the combination. On stage, the dancers explore their rapport with the image and the male or female condition. They expose themselves to the onlooker’s gaze and question it. They talk about couples, about desire and seduction. They both engage in soul-searching through provocation and collusion, overtly, through the pure pleasure of the encounter between unbridled bodies, in displaying sexual stereotypes and using feminine/masculine role-models. Despite their cultural differences, the three performers have a mutual desire to make fun of stereotypes and distance themselves from usual places. As the performance unfolds, energy and humour take hold, whilst all the while, gradually moving what is familiar to us. Nothing will stop the dancers from, goin’ down, and delving into their souls in search of something uncontrollable. In Goin’ down, the three performers, each with their unique story and through their bodies and through dance, express what is possible beyond cultural divisions and the refusal to submit to all forms of social, political and religious pressure. 


2017 Complexe culturel BlonBa - Bamako, Mali


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