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Bang !

Creation 2014

Young audience from 7 years 


Conception and choreography : Herman Diephuis

In collaboration with and interpreted by : Mélanie Giffard and Dalila Khatir 

Lighting design and stage management : Sam Mary


Production : association ONNO

Coproduction : Le Forum,  scène conventionnée de Blanc-Mesnil.

Supported by SACD – Beaumarchais.

Copyright Claudio Rey

Bang ! is the sound of a gun going off, of an explosion; « Bang » is the Dutch translation for fear, the theme of the piece.

There is fear that attracts and excites us: looking for thrills, trembling at a horror film, letting the imagination run wild, scaring oneself just for the fun of it, fear as a game.

There are also the fears that scare us, the childhood fears: ghosts, noises, the big bad wolf, darkness.  

Then there are the existential fears: fear of the other, of differences, of solitude, of death.

Bang ! explores all the facettes of fear,  its physicality, its sound, and what it brings out in our collective and individual imagination, while avoiding the caricature or anecdote.

Bang ! explores fear with  a good dose of humor and absurdity, without fearing our fears nor fear of exposing them.

Herman Diephuis


2018 Théâtre Berthelot - Montreuil 

2017 Centre chorégraphique national de Caen en Normandie // Théâtre du Fil de l’eau - Pantin // Théâtre de Poche - Hédé // Contemporanea festival - Prato (Italie) // Parc culturel de Rentilly - Bussy-Saint-Martin

2016 Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis / Théâtre Louis Aragon - Tremblay-en-France / Le Cuvier, CDC Aquitaine - Artigues-près-Bordeaux // Festival Movimento Internacional de Dança - Belo Horizonte et Brasilia / Festival Mettre en Scène - TNB - Rennes / Centre d’animation de Beaulieu - Poitiers 

2015 Théâtre de Vanves // La Ferme du Buisson, scène nationale – Marne-la-Vallée // Le Vivat, scène conventionnée danse et théâtre - Armentières 

2014 Forum, scène conventionnée de Blanc-Mesnil


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